Managed Services Tiers

Complete Coverage

Most managed service providers offer varying levels of support for their clients. Today, we'll be focusing on those offered by JONROG technology.

This option gives our clients the flexibility of maintaining their in-house IT department while utilizing the tools and expertise we bring to the table. They gain access to our software and channel partnerships, while keeping their staff; who's already familiar with the environment. And, not only do we bring our tools to the table, but we also come prepared to augment client staff as necessary.

  • Large projects typically taking weeks to get done can be finished in a fraction of the time.
  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring and management can now fall to us, freeing staff up during off hours.
  • Unique problems unfamiliar to client staff can be addressed with more minds, clearing issues faster
Who needs Co-Managed Support? 
  • Businesses with in-house staff in need of assistance, but their budget doesn't currently allow for additional personnel
  • Organizations with major upgrades on their IT roadmap, indicating a need for reliable and knowledgeable help
  • Businesses with a need for 24/7 monitoring without having to pay the additional costs associated with such a staffing level

Our complete coverage solution is by far the most popular and cost effective for many of our clients. We handle everything. From new equipment procurement and installation, to troubleshooting a downed internet connection via telephone with an internet service provider. A client's technical infrastructure is our responsibility, and we take it seriously. With a focus on security and stability, we not only provide service and support; but most importantly, we provide clients with peace of mind that comes with knowing their business is covered when it comes to technology. We do this with:

  • Next generation security measures
  • Regular reporting and accountability
  • Business continuity measures to ensure minimal possibility for loss of data and downtime
  • Fast and friendly customer support for client staff
Who needs Complete Coverage? 
  • Businesses who need IT support, but would rather not worry with sourcing, training and maintaining professional and accountable IT staff
  • Businesses who need IT support, but would rather save money on payroll and use those funds for further business development
  • Businesses who need a turn-key IT solution and don't want to worry about every little thing when something happens

For those in many professional services industries, the stringent regulations of HIPAA can be a cumbersome burden. So much so, many don't even bother with it in the hopes they'll never be party to an OCR investigation. The time and money investment requirement in obtaining and maintaining compliance just doesn't seem worth it. That couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, since 2015 fines as a result of HIPAA investigations have increased 363%. Let me say that again… Three hundred sixty-three percent… The average fine was over two million dollars, again, that's more than $2,000,000.00. And the thing is, MOST OF THEM COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED, if the covered entities had only taken the proper precautionary steps.

Our Compliance Assurance program augments our Complete Coverage by helping clients ensure they are following the rules and prepared in the event of an investigation. We provide:

  • Regular and ongoing HIPAA compliance resources and training
  • Verified technical systems and practices to ensure compliance
  • Documentation, reporting, and support in the event of an investigation
Who needs Compliance Assurance? 

​The bottom line is, anyone dealing with potentially private and secure personal information of their clients, patients, or customers. Not just doctors; but pharmacies, insurance providers, and many other professional services are considered covered entities under HIPAA. Don't risk a potentially devastating fine due to ignorance of the law. OCR doesn't consider "I didn't know…" as a viable excuse…

In summary, JONROG technology offers an array of services designed to fit most SMB needs. Whether it's augmenting traditional IT staff or serving as an organization's entire IT department; we're here to make our clients' lives easier.

As always, thank you for your time, I know it's valuable. And, please let us know if you need anything!


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