For some, a website is a once and done project. After launch, updates are few and changes are far between. But, for those who understand the importance, your website is not only a marketing tool, but the digital manifestation of your organization or storefront for millions of potential customers or clients. Updates happen as soon as inventory or pricing changes, ensuring your visitors are always provided current information and know what your business is offering.

JONROG Technology can help with every step of the process. From the initial discovery meeting outlining your specific requirements and expectations, to management and maintenance solutions after the site is launched ensuring current information and optimizing your search engine placement, we will be with you every step of the way, and beyond.

It’s OK, I Have a Facebook Page…

Over 80% of consumers will look for your business or organization online prior to visiting or calling. But, nearly half of those won’t even consider a business if it doesn’t have an actual website. In short, while Social Media is important to marketing and promotion, no website = fewer customers.

There are millions of programs and applications available to users. Some designed to meet general needs, and others created with a specific function in mind. However, there are times when an out of the box software package does not fit an organization’s specific needs.

When this occurs, many users settle for a work-around that almost works. It doesn’t quite do everything needed, but it does more than anything out there. Extra steps may be involved that cost the organization time and money. The most common reason most organizations resolve themselves to this is funding. Custom software packages are often costly, and the development process can be arduous and painful, as communication between the organization and the developer is not always easy.

At Jonathan Rogers Digital Design, our goal is simple. Provide our clients with the most cost effective and efficient custom software possible, which meets their every need in that specific capacity. It may be something simple as a customized Microsoft Access database, or something more robust like an fully-independent event management suite. In either case, or software design mission is this:

To provide prompt, professional service, accounting for every need the client has in their specific software needs in whatever medium that may be; from web to desktop to mobile.

Too often, would be graphic designers think more is better. While some instances call for flashy designs and loud images, oftentimes less is more. A simple, well laid out design will help provide a much better user experience.

At Jonathan Rogers Digital Design, our job is to help make that determination. Whether web, print or screen, we understand what drives our clients and how to portray that in any medium. We do this through effective communication throughout the design process, developing a firm understanding of who our clients are, the image they are trying to portray and the message they are trying to convey. Our graphic design mission is this:

To provide prompt, professional service while developing a graphic solution to coherently represent our clients in a manner that does not flaunt our capabilities, but displays their needs and conveys the appropriate message accordingly.

An organization’s image is fundamental. Without a recognizable presence an organization cannot effectively function. Customers cannot relate the organization to its intent, and therefore, will not pursue that organization’s services.

Whether it’s creating a website or branding an organization, a professional and noticeable design is a must. A well thought-out and applicable design representing the organizational image can provoke a response on an emotional level with the target audience, making that group the first thing to come to mind when their types of services are needed. Effective branding requires not only knowledge of market trends and client intent, but a strong Graphic Design capability to accurately portray an organization.

At Jonathan Rogers Digital Design, we know how to communicate with our clients, to help them determine how to communicate with their clientele. A thorough consulting process provides the creation of a brand that will stand the test of time while remaining fluid enough to reflect the current market trends. Our branding mission is this:

To provide prompt, professional service, taking into account the clients’ entire organizational needs to accurately reflect the group; resulting in a connection with our clients’ customers on a level that elicits a memorable response.

Technical Consulting

Over 75% of the United States population has a social media account of some form, most have multiple. This provides a unique opportunity for an organization to reach a somewhat captive audience. Communicating with customers and clients via social media has nearly become a requirement for most businesses in today’s digital marketplace.

Whether promoting specials, providing a way to communicate and interact, or simply passing pertinent information; Social Media provides businesses an opportunity to quickly reach thousands of current and potential customers. Establishing, managing and maintaining these accounts can be cumbersome; and a neglected Social Media channel can lead users to draw unwarranted conclusions about a business’ status and reliability.

At Jonathan Rogers Digital Design, we understand the importance of effectively leveraging the abilities of Social Media in relation to our clients’ business needs. As such, our Social Media mission is this:

To provide prompt, professional service and advice in regards to the management of our clients’ social media accounts and campaigns to ensure effective and appropriate communication with their clientele.