Out-of-the-box software is suitable for most day-to-day operations. Word processors, spreadsheets, and even basic database-driven applications are designed to cover the gamut of requirements of most organizations; however, advanced data-analysis; function automations; or even process expedition often requires a specific toolset. Sometimes you need more capable solutions designed for your specific needs, not general issues.

JONROG Technology has been developing custom applications on various platforms for nearly twenty years. From a web-based e-learning suite to a custom Microsoft Access database designed to analyze a factory’s production efficiency, we have scalable solutions in place at every level.

My needs are uniquely specific, and custom development is costly...

Consider the amount of time lost performing work-arounds or the inefficiency in manually repeating processes multiple times in a day. Time your employees could use to get actual work done. Custom software isn’t always inexpensive, but it will eventually pay for itself in time gained. And remember, as Mr. Franklin pointed out, “time lost is never found again”.