There are millions of programs and applications available to users. Some designed to meet general needs, and others created with a specific function in mind. However, there are times when an out of the box software package does not fit an organization’s specific needs.

When this occurs, many users settle for a work-around that almost works. It doesn’t quite do everything needed, but it does more than anything out there. Extra steps may be involved that cost the organization time and money. The most common reason most organizations resolve themselves to this is funding. Custom software packages are often costly, and the development process can be arduous and painful, as communication between the organization and the developer is not always easy.

At Jonathan Rogers Digital Design, our goal is simple. Provide our clients with the most cost effective and efficient custom software possible, which meets their every need in that specific capacity. It may be something simple as a customized Microsoft Access database, or something more robust like an fully-independent event management suite. In either case, or software design mission is this:

To provide prompt, professional service, accounting for every need the client has in their specific software needs in whatever medium that may be; from web to desktop to mobile.